Special Experience with Addiction and Recovery Issues

A professional interest as well as a personal avocation for Joe Skelly over the years has been working with lawyers, and other professionals, including physicians, nurses and others in the health care field, suffering debilitating illnesses, such as alcohol and other drug addiction, compulsive gambling, depression and similar impairments. He has represented a number of them in professional licensure issues. He was a founding director and remains a member of the Board of Directors, of Pennsylvania's Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, an outreach organization providing assistance to lawyers, judges, law students and their families who are experiencing problems in these areas. He has served as a delegate from Pennsylvania to the American Bar Association's Commission on Lawyers Assistance Programs where he has attended a number of educational presentations and programs relating to addiction and recovery.

In addition to working with people in the helping professions, Joe has also spent a great deal of time over the years working with individuals in general suffering from the disease of addiction.

This experience enables Joe to mediate, or otherwise help resolve, issues in which addiction plays a significant role. For instance, when a recovering person returns to his or employment after treatment, a well founded concern of the employer is whether the employee can remain in recovery and properly perform his or her duties without causing harm or embarrassment to the employer. In a case like this, mediating between the employer and the employee can result in a so called “re-entry” agreement with built in safeguards for monitoring the employee to make certain he or she is performing up to the employer’s standards and at the same time has not relapsed into active addiction. This can be done in a manner to protect the employer and at the same time preserve the dignity and confidentiality of the employee among his or her co-workers.

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