Dedicated to professionalism and the upmost integrity, neutrality and impartiality, Skelly Dispute Resolution Center provides its clients with the most appropriate and efficient dispute resolution process at the most cost effective and efficient means.

Skelly Dispute Resolution Center accomplishes these goals by providing a safe, non-threatening, private, and securely confidential environment.

Displaying sensitivity, empathy and understanding to the individual needs of the parties allows for efficient facilitation and management of the resolution process in a manner uniquely tailored to those needs and circumstances, and helps the parties navigate through difficult moments during the process.

An important part of the services provided is assisting the parties to explore and create mutually acceptable options with a goal toward a “win-win” resolution.

In order to reach a “win-win” outcome, Skelly Dispute Resolution Center seeks to minimize power imbalances between the parties, assist the parties in exploring their interests and needs that drive their positions, and helps them to engage in meaningful communications in a non-toxic way.

In those cases where interpersonal conflicts between the parties are at the root of their dispute, creating a roadblock to resolution, Skelly Dispute

Resolution Center focuses on helping the parties explore, understand, and address the dynamics of their conflicts so as to enable them to move towards an acceptable resolution.

Skelly Dispute Resolution Center also helps the parties establish a means of communication and techniques for future dealings where circumstances require an ongoing relationship as to common interests.

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